Gender Pay Gap Exists at Democratic Party of Wisconsin

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin pays its male staffers more than it pays its female staffers according to comprehensive finance reports reviewed by Media Trackers. Earlier this month, liberals around the country celebrated “National Equal Pay Day,” and in Wisconsin, Democrats used the day to attack Gov. Scott Walker.

In an in-depth look at a practice that DPW’s own spokesperson Melissa Baldauff said was “unfair” and “harmful to Wisconsin families,” Media Trackers analyzed both state and federal campaign finance reports filed by DPW throughout 2013. According to reports, DPW had a total of 18 female and 20 male employees that received at least one salary check. Cumulatively females made $387,843 and males made $556,741 in 2013.

When Media Trackers reduced the staff reviewed to just those staffers who received 20 or more paychecks during 2013 (24 paychecks being the highest), reports show that DPW pays female employees about 77.5% of what they pay male employees, with the average female employee making $2,138.65 per paycheck to the average males’ $2,759.48 per paycheck. Of the 10 staff that received 20 or more paychecks, four were female while six were male. Of those who received 20 or more paychecks in 2013, the average female made just 81% of the salary that male employees made.


On equal pay day Baldauff called on Gov. Walker and the GOP to, “…cease their opposition to equal pay for women and put an end to their War on Women that treats women as second-class citizens.” As Baldauff and DPW continue to try to use women as political pawns during an election year, the data suggests that their own pay practices may be the real War on Women.