Ohio GOP Attacks Caleb Davenport for Union-Funded Incumbent

Ohio GOP Davenport tax mailer
An excerpt from a recent Ohio GOP hit piece on Republican candidate Caleb Davenport

Ohio Republican Party (ORP) mailers sent this month painted Republican primary candidate Caleb Davenport, who is challenging Sen. Frank LaRose in the 27th Ohio Senate District, as an opponent of tax cuts and pro-life policies.

According to ORP, Davenport “opposed the most important pro-life bill in Ohio” and “abandoned conservative principles when he OPPOSED a bill that delivered one of the largest tax cuts in Ohio history.”

As Paula Bolyard reported at Ohio Conservative Review, the mailers attacked Davenport using House Bill 59 (HB 59), Republican Governor John Kasich’s most recent biennial budget.

HB 59 incorporated tax cuts and several pro-life provisions to increase support from legislators who might have otherwise rejected the second consecutive Kasich budget to increase state spending far in excess of inflation.

Most of HB 59’s income tax cuts were paid for with tax hikes. Davenport did not vote on the bill because Davenport has never served in the Ohio General Assembly.

ORP has spent more than $50,000 on in-kind support for LaRose — who received $11,000 from labor unions during the most recent campaign finance reporting period — in an effort to counter Davenport’s support from grassroots conservative groups.

Click any of the images below to see full-size versions of the two ORP hit pieces against Davenport.


“This shows the amount of deception the political bosses will use in trying to maintain control,” Davenport said in a response to the pro-life mailer. “Their candidate, Frank LaRose, lost the major pro-life endorsements, so now they are trying to paint me as being against the pro-life cause.”

Bolyard, a resident of the 27th Ohio Senate District, also noted that LaRose has taken to blaming “right-wing bloggers” for divisions in the Ohio GOP during recent campaign interviews.

Davenport is endorsed by Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), Ohio Pro-Life Action, Citizens for Community Values, Ohioans for Educational Freedom, and Ohio Citizens PAC.

Davenport is also endorsed by Ohio Right to Life. An Ohio Right to Life PAC flyer comparing Davenport and LaRose points out that LaRose supports taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, among other disagreements with the pro-life group.