Ohio GOP Primary Reaction: We Lied, It Worked, We’ll Keep Doing It

GOP demands silence

Reactions to the May 6 primary from Ohio Republican Party (ORP) officials make it clear that ORP is proud to have won contested races by lying about its candidates being champions of limited government, and will employ the same strategy in the future.

“We expect to win all of the races,” ORP spokesman Chris Schrimpf told the Toledo Blade days before the election. “Our incumbents have very strong conservative records. They have the support of the party. We’re confident we’re going to win these races.”

State Rep. Peter Stautberg was endorsed by ORP and lost his primary race in the 27th Ohio House District. Other incumbents with conservative challengers were propelled to victory by ORP spending on ad campaigns portraying their big-government records as conservative.

Schrimpf told the Akron Beacon Journal that union-funded, ORP-endorsed incumbents Ohio Sen. Frank LaRose and Congressman Dave Joyce, who both won their primaries, “deserve the support of Republicans and got it.”

The tea party is part of the Republican Party,” Schrimpf continued. “We saw them come home. Their natural home is the Republican Party.”

ORP supports Common Core and Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, programs that are widely opposed by conservative Ohioans but are backed by Republican Governor John Kasich.

After spending several weeks attacking small-government candidates and building up supporters of Common Core and the Obamacare expansion, ORP Chairman Matt Borges is sticking with his practiced “nothing to see here” spin.

“The fact of the matter is that the tea party across the state won,” Borges told The Columbus Dispatch after the primary, insisting that ORP’s candidates stand for “cutting taxes and reducing the scope and influence of government in our lives and protecting life and balancing budgets and focusing on getting Ohio back to work.”

On the May 7 Brian Thomas Morning Show on 55KRC in Cincinnati, I discussed the trend among big-government Republicans everywhere of lying to primary voters in order to beat conservative challengers. Listen to the interview below.

05/07/2014 55KRC Interview: Ohio Primary Election Aftermath by Mediatrackers on Mixcloud

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