OH News Editor: Kochs Give to UNCF Because They’re Racist

Mark Sweetwood tweet
June 6, 2014 tweet from Youngstown Vindicator Managing Editor Mark Sweetwood

Youngstown Vindicator Managing Editor Mark Sweetwood suggested in a June 6 Twitter post that Charles and David Koch donate millions to United Negro College Fund (UNCF) because they are racists.

“I think they just like saying ‘Negro,'” Sweetwood wrote in a tweet quoting from an Associated Press announcement of the Kochs’ UNCF contribution.

Sweetwood’s comment, made on a personal Twitter account, came in response to news that the Koch brothers have given $25 million “for general support to historically black colleges and universities and the UNCF” as well as scholarships for black students.

The Kochs, who have also donated well over $100 million to cancer research, are reviled by advocates of big government because of their contributions to Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and other right-of-center nonprofits.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who has previously remarked that President Barack Obama owes his success to the fact that he is “light-skinned,” “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” is completely obsessed with the Kochs.

In other Twitter updates this week, Sweetwood defended President Obama’s violation of federal law in the release of soldier Bowe Bergdahl and wrote, “I would not patronize any bar or restaurant that allowed concealed carry, let alone open carry.”

Doctrinaire “progressive” thought and an accompanying disdain for all things conservative run deep among Ohio’s legacy press. AFP Ohio, one of few center-right Ohio groups the media bothers to acknowledge, is rarely quoted and often vilified.

Tom Feran, one of the lead “fact-checkers” for the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s defunct PolitiFact Ohio project, has slammed limited-government “yahoos” and “wingnuts” on a personal Twitter account where he also cheered a leftist blog smearing conservatives as racists.

Media Trackers notified PolitiFact Ohio editor Robert Higgs of Feran’s obvious bias in 2012, but Feran continued “fact-checking” for PolitiFact Ohio until its demise last fall. Feran remains a news reporter for Plain Dealer parent company Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Columbus Dispatch Senior Editor Joe Hallett accused opponents of bigger government of being “extreme,” “ultraconservative,” and “bent on society’s regression” prior to his retirement this year.

“Claiming Right to Work is about workplace freedom is like calling a slave owner a job creator,” wrote Plain Dealer editor and Ohio University journalism professor Thomas Suddes in a column last fall. Suddes has bashed critics of Obamacare as “flint-hearted,” “off-the-chart Right,” and “Tea Party yowlers.”