Gov. Kasich Continues Preaching Gospel of Big Government

At a symposium on opiate addiction last month, Ohio Governor John Kasich praised himself for taking Obamacare money to put able-bodied childless adults on Medicaid.

“As I think probably everybody in here knows, we went through this big battle on Medicaid expansion, and to me it’s a lay-down hand,” Kasich, a Republican, said before lying about billions in new federal spending.

“I mean, if you can bring billions of dollars back to treat the mentally ill, the drug-addicted, and the working poor, I mean, what’s the question, ya know?”

The legacy press has helped Kasich ignore a multitude of questions, such as: does Medicaid coverage improve recipients’ health? Can taxpayers afford to cover able-bodied childless adults? Does expanding the program reduce incentives to work?

“And so, we were able to get that through, which has brought us absolutely critical resources to the state,” Kasich continued.

The Obamacare expansion, which Kasich bypassed the Ohio General Assembly to implement, will increase state and federal spending by billions.

Moments later, Gov. Kasich repeated one of his favorite lines about expanding Medicaid for Ohio’s poor, insisting, “we’re done ignoring those people in this state. We are. This administration.”

Prior to Kasich’s Medicaid expansion, many Ohio doctors were already rejecting new Medicaid patients. Results from a major study released last May showed that Medicaid coverage has little impact on recipients’ health.

“We’re never gonna have all the resources we would like to have, but I’ll tell ya, we fought for a lot of ’em. We didn’t care at all about politics, or criticism, or anything else, and we got ’em,” Kasich boasted.

Although enacting the Obamacare expansion was obviously meant to soften his image for his reelection, Gov. Kasich regularly claims he’s indifferent to politics. Kasich knew the newspapers would praise his pragmatism while ignoring proof Medicaid expansion is not pragmatic.

Gov. Kasich wrapped up his June 30th opiate symposium speech with his mantra about the need to “get things done” and “lift people” by growing government.