Charlie Crist: Lower Tax Rates, More School Money Is Bad

Charlie Crist claims cutting tax rates is raising taxes.

Charlie Crist has released a campaign ad criticizing Gov. Rick Scott for lower property tax rates that resulted in higher revenues for schools.

In a campaign ad titled, “Up Here,” Crist claims “Rick Scott raised property taxes.” His source is a May 5, 2014 Tampa Tribune article which noted that Florida’s improving economy has lifted home values.

With home values increasing, Florida public officials have been able to reduce the property tax rate while still collecting higher revenues for public education spending.

To most people, reducing tax rates and simultaneously increasing education funding might seem like a win-win proposition. Charlie Crist disagrees.

Researching recent property tax rates, left-wing PolitiFact Florida found that property tax rates increased during Crist’s term as governor. At the same time, because Florida’s economy performed so poorly under Crist, property tax revenues plummeted.

Crist’s campaign is now arguing that higher tax rates and shrinking state revenues are better than lower tax rates resulting in higher state revenues.

Apparently, voters who prefer high tax rates, falling home values, and increasing government deficits will love Charlie Crist’s economic programs.