Seeking Return to 2007, Crist Fires “Fair Shot” at Florida

Former governor and current gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has unveiled a “Fair Shot Florida” plan, seeking to return to his 2007 economic policies and ramp up Obamacare’s implementation in Florida.

In a release, Crist excoriated Gov. Rick Scott for not doing more to promote and expand Obamacare in the state. Republicans have replied by mocking Crist’s plan as an attempt to fire another “Fair Shot at Florida.”

Unfortunately for Crist, his attack came just days after the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reported Florida health insurance rates under Obamacare will rise a whopping 13.2 percent next year.

Crist also attacked the results of Gov. Scott’s economic policies while touting his own plan.

Crist claimed his economic policies are better for middle class Floridians than Scott’s. The state’s unemployment numbers under the two governors, however, tell a different story.

In 2007, Crist inherited a 3.5 percent unemployment rate from Republican Gov. Jeb Bush. Under Crist, Florida’s unemployment rate rose higher and more rapidly than almost every other state in the nation.

When Crist’s term as governor expired in 2011, he left Scott with an 11.1 percent unemployment rate. Under Scott, Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped farther and faster than almost every other state in the nation, and is currently 6.2 percent.

Nevertheless, Crist called Scott “incompetent” while glossing over the damage done to Florida’s middle class by the Crist Administration’s economic policies.

Explaining his own failures, Crist told the Orlando Sentinel, “So you make mistakes in life, but you don’t stop trying to do things because you may have failed at something in the past.”