Charlie Crist Flies Private Jet to Global Warming Media Event

Charlie Crist flies in plane of Apalachicola Bay polluter. Photo credit:

Charlie Crist flew in a private jet from Tampa to Tallahassee to hold a press conference about the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Ironically, the private jet Crist used for his climate presser is owned by James Finch, who has repeatedly been forced to pay fines to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for unlawful pollution. Finch’s company paid fines for unlawfully polluting water in the Gulf of Mexico near Apalachicola Bay and the Apalachicola National Forest.

Crist has recently criticized a new initiative by Scott to spend $1 billion to improve water quality in the state, with a special focus on Apalachicola Bay. Crist claims he would be more protective of Apalachicola Bay and state waters.

With the help of $10 million pledged by out-of-state global warming activist Tom Steyer, Crist has pledged to make a campaign issue out of Gov. Rick Scott assigning global warming a lower gubernatorial priority than job growth and the economy. After flying in the private jet to Tallahassee, Crist ripped Scott for not doing more to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Crist did not explain why he didn’t reduce his carbon footprint by holding the press conference in Tampa where plenty of media could have covered the press conference.

When reporters asked Crist why he did not drive to Tallahassee, fly commercial, or hold his press conference in Tampa, Crist said, “Listen, I’m trying to win this race and Florida’s a big state.”

“If the Republicans don’t think that I should be allowed to fly and have to drive everywhere … I got another thing coming for ‘em,” Crist added. “I’m going to fly and I’m going to get around Florida as fast as I can.”

Crist and Finch are not the only hypocrites in Crist’s current global warming offensive. Crist’s billionaire financier Steyer made his personal fortune investing in coal power plant construction.