KasichCare Enrollment Hits 92% of Admin’s July 2015 Estimate

Last month 338,707 Ohioans were enrolled in Medicaid under Obamacare, exceeding 92 percent of the July 2015 enrollment projected by Governor John Kasich.

In yesterday’s Ohio Department of Medicaid caseload release for July, June enrollment was revised upward to 328,069 from the 285,553 first reported.

May enrollment, initially reported as 243,230 and then revised to 274,630 last month, was revised to 309,562 in the July caseload report.

At 247,208, the state’s fiscal year 2014 average Obamacare Medicaid enrollment is greater than the initial figure reported for the fifth month of the program. As more Ohioans are added retroactively, July 2014 enrollment is all but certain to surpass the 366,000 Gov. Kasich’s Office of Health Transformation projected for July 2015.

Kasich, a Republican, unilaterally enacted the Obamacare Medicaid expansion last fall after months of unsuccessful attempts to convince the Ohio General Assembly that the program was a Christian opportunity to use “Ohio’s tax dollars” to help the poor and boost the state economy.

The Kasich Administration used the following graph to depict anticipated enrollment in Medicaid “as of July 2015.”

The “Newly eligible” bars in this graph represent new Medicaid recipients covered under Obamacare’s redefinition of the program, primarily to include able-bodied childless adults.


The graph below shows Ohio Medicaid enrollment for those Kasich made eligible under Obamacare, as reported yesterday by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.