“Segway Boy” Jeremy Ryan Charged with Domestic Abuse

The man who mounted a long-shot effort to take out Congressman Paul Ryan in the GOP primary in August is a walking relic of the tumultuous Capitol protests in Madison in 2011. He has been recently accused of domestic abuse and stalking according to a Dane County criminal complaint. Milwaukee radio host Mark Belling broke the story on his Friday afternoon show.

Jeremy Ryan, better known by the moniker “Segway Boy” because he rides a Segway, based his entire Congressional campaign strategy this summer on having the same last name as Congressman Ryan. Ryan the protester hoped that voters would confuse his last name with that of Ryan the member of Congress. Besides an interesting interview on Wisconsin Eye and allegedly conflating signing a ballot access petition with signing a petition to legalize marijuana, the Jeremy Ryan for Congress campaign was a complete flop.

Now, less than two months after the August primary, Ryan has been charged with felony domestic abuse by stalking and disorderly conduct domestic abuse. Both charges relate to Ryan’s relationship to a girlfriend he lived with in September.

Collin Roth of RightWisconsin.com posted an excerpt of the criminal complaint online Monday.

According to the complaint, Ryan repeatedly harassed his girlfriend and her boss demanding to know the whereabouts and actions of his girlfriend. After locking his girlfriend out of the apartment that they lease together, the girlfriend contacted police. Before law enforcement arrived, an altercation between the girlfriend and Ryan commenced in which Ryan attempted to forcibly take her cell phone and then proceeded to chase her around the apartment.

Ryan was arrested by law enforcement when they arrived on the scene. According to the complaint here’s what happened just before they took Ryan to be booked:

“Officer Baumgart reports he explained to the defendant he was going to be placed under arrest, and the defendant pleaded with Officer Baumgart to be allowed to retrieve some cash from his bedroom so he could post bail. Officer Baumgart reports that Officer Palmer took the defendant to his bedroom to retrieve the cash. Officer Baumgart reports the defendant walked down the stairs carrying a safe. [Victim] stated, “that’s where he keeps his weed.” Officer Baumgart reports he asked the defendant to open the safe so he could see what was inside. Officer Baumgart reports he observed a large amount of US currency inside. The defendant estimated that there was $1,000 inside this safe. Officer Baumgart reports he estimated that there was most likely between $2,000 and $3,000 in US currency inside the safe. Officer Baumgart reports he could also smell the distinct odor of unburnt marijuana coming from the safe itself.”

In 2009, a temporary restraining order for alleged domestic abuse was slapped on Ryan by a Dane County court. This most recent case is the 36th case since 2007 in which the state of Wisconsin or Dane County has named Ryan as a defendant for breaking the law.