Teachers Union Funding Wisconsin Anti-Police Protests

Anti-police protesters block the entrance of a Milwaukee NBA game.

A Wisconsin based-union front group that has referred to police as racists, animals, and killers has among its major donors the nation’s largest teachers union, according to a U.S. Department of Labor report filed in late November.

2Wisconsin Jobs Now has taken a prominent role in organizing anti-police protests in the Milwaukee area since shortly after the November elections. With protests ranging from so-called “die-ins” to illegally blocking major freeways during rush hour, the radical labor coalition has made the Milwaukee Police Department the target of their efforts following the shooting death of a mentally ill man who attacked a Milwaukee police officer with the officer’s own baton.


Milwaukee District Attorney declined to charge the officer involved in the shooting, determining that the officer was acting in self-defense after the mentally ill man took his baton and began hitting the officer with it. Protesters, including Wisconsin Jobs Now, have ignored facts that show the officer was attacked and instead focus on the fact that the officer was white while the mentally ill man was black. They have also claimed the officer fire his weapon too many times.

Protesters, including Wisconsin Jobs Now staff, could be heard chanting “Don’t arrest me, arrest the police,” during a protest that blocked several downtown streets in Milwaukee hours after the DA’s decision.

4According to the DOL website, the only 2014 payment reported thus far to Wisconsin Jobs Now comes from that National Education Association in the amount of $125,000. The NEA is affiliated locally in Wisconsin with the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and according to the NEA report is owed over $1 million by the Wisconsin affiliate while also supporting it to the tune of nearly $300,000 in litigation costs in 2013-2014 and nearly $2 million in grants over the same period.

In their own IRS filings, Wisconsin Jobs Now claims they are a “coalition…united in an effort to bring good jobs to Wisconsin now,” but the group’s social media feeds instead paint a picture of a radical anti-cop group hell bent on disrupting the lives of those with jobs rather than helping the unemployed find work.

Primarily funded by the SEIU, Wisconsin Jobs Now has used its social media presence to organize and take credit for traffic-blocking protests, including a December 19th protest that shut down a major Wisconsin freeway – leading to the arrests of dozens of protesters.


In another protest Wisconsin Jobs Now declared 14 reasons for their actions, one of those reasons was “white supremacist capitalism.”