DNC Press Conf. Claims Paul Ryan Thinks Rape is Contraception

“Paul Ryan has described rape as another method of contraception,” declared a Democratic activist at a joint Democratic National Committee, Democratic Party of Wisconsin press conference in Racine, Wisconsin on Monday morning. Racine is part of Rep. Ryan’s congressional district, and the DNC held the press conference there on Monday to urge Ryan – who appears all-but-certain to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives – to support a federal mandate requiring employers to offer paid family leave to employees.

Leading the press conference was TJ Helmstetter, the DNC’s Midwest press secretary. Kelly Gallaher, a local Democratic activist, made the claim that Ryan believes rape is another form of contraception. The problem with her comment is that Ryan has never said such a thing, and Helmstetter didn’t bother to correct the record when he stepped to the microphone after her to introduce more speakers at the event.