8 Worst Tweets about #SanBernardino Shooting

In the wake of a horrific attack by three heavily armed individuals on a government office building in San Bernardino, California, liberals across the country took to Twitter to politicize the tragedy, mock the 2nd Amendment, and use the tragedy for their political benefit. The shameless suspension of compassion and concern for the victims and their families and the opportunistic marketing of a political narrative were breathtaking in their scope and speed.

Here are the 8 worst tweets by liberals in the moments and hours after the attack.

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Mr. Moulitsas is the founder of the DailyKos blog hangout of uber leftwing activists. In the wake of the Paris, France terrorist attacks that saw radical Islamic terrorists carrying out mass shooting violence in that city, Mr. Moulitsas didn’t criticize Muslims for their “peeps” shooting stuff up.

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The mockery of thoughts and prayers offered for victims and their families was a fast-surfacing and sustained theme among liberals who reacted to the shooting via social media and press statements.

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Mr. Yglesias is a liberal pundit who has written for such reliably leftwing outlets like Vox and Slate.

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Stein is the “Senior Politics Editor” for the Huffington Post, and he was apparently dead serious when he tweeted the above.

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Ezra Klein felt the best way to condemn the violence was to immediately drive some traffic to his website, Vox.com; sort of a rapid-response “told you so” moment before the full extent of the carnage was known, or the suspects apprehended or a motive even speculated.

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Predictably, guns are the problem, according to this Vox.com chart. It is unclear why the map lists the U.S. as more violent than Syria (when it comes to gun deaths), which is wracked by a years-long civil war with millions of people displaced and, as of September 2015, 200,000 people killed.

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Then there was the above and below epic attempts at messaging by the Occupy Wall Street hangovers at the “Overpass Light Brigade of Wisconsin,” a group that uses glow sticks and such to craft bumper-sticker style messages about political and current events. According to their information (at the time) the San Bernardino shooting was a demonstration of “white terror” even though, as it turns out, at least two of the suspects were Islamic. The organization did not call for an end to radical Islamic terrorism after the Paris, France attacks.

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