Liberal Talk Radio Flourishing in Wisconsin

Citizen Action of Wisconsin executive director Robert Kraig claims conservative talk radio has a monopoly in the Milwaukee radio market. Kraig’s claim is a purely fictional one, however, and the fact is liberal talk radio is flourishing.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin refers to five different conservative talk show hosts as a right-wing media monopoly over the Milwaukee area. However there are ample options for listeners seeking liberal content in their radio program. This would include the Ed Schultz Show in the Amery area. The Stephanie Miller Show in the Madison area. Radio shows airing in Milwaukee include liberal morning show host Joel McNally, Al Sharpton’s midday show, and Alan Colmes.

Liberal State Representatives David Bowen and Jonathan Brostoff also recently started a liberal talk radio program on 104.1 FM Riverwest radio. The new show is called State Reppin and airs at 7pm CST.

Despite these numerous talk show hosts, Kraig says the answer to his hypothetical “problem” of too much conservative talk radio is a “right wing accountability” project.

The project plans to monitor conservative talk programs and illustrate how “Their radio monopoly is responsible for splitting cities and suburbs, shifting public opinion to the far-right, and is largely setting the extreme agenda at the state Capitol.”

The Citizen Action “Radio Active!” campaign claims that without these conservative talk radio hosts and their programs, there would be no Gov. Scott Walker. Kraig claims that conservatives use their talk radio platforms to promote racism in such a divisive fashion that their listeners aren’t even able to detect the racism because it is so cleverly hidden.

State Reppin’s debut program with hosts State Representatives David Bowen and Jonathan Brostoff featured Sarah Noble founder of Wisconsin Reproductive Justice Collective. Sarah Noble is a former Planned Parenthood employee and activist.

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger was an outspoken racist as illustrated in her correspondence with Dr. Clarence Gamble, one of her Negro Project collaborators. In a remarkable December 10, 1939 letter today held in the Sanger archives at Smith College  Sanger urged Gamble: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Sanger spoke to the white supremacist group, the KKK, and had an open invitation from over a dozen similar groups. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards recently received the Margaret Sanger award.

Former Planned Parenthood employee, Sarah Noble branded a recent pro-life Wisconsin billboard campaign as “one of many race- and gender-based attacks by conservative groups on women and girls of color and their families.” The Milwaukee ads for the campaign featured images of African American babies and stated “Black & Beautiful” and “Black children are in danger.”

Noble writes, “Groups like these oppose rights and freedoms that we consider fundamental to all humans – basic rights that support a woman’s ability to decide when to have children, when not to have children and to parent the children she has in a healthy and safe environment.”

Citizen Action of Wisconsin executive director Robert Kraig’s claim that conservative talk radio hosts use their programs to spew hate-filled content is simply hypothesizing about racism.