Freedom From Religion Foundation Lives By Double Standard

The Freedom From Religion Foundation presented a breathtaking double standard during their pizza lunch at Fireman’s Park in Middleton, WI on Tuesday.

One week after complaining they couldn’t hold a lunch without a permit, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, apparently with no sense of irony, decided that, although a permit was essential for the “Jesus Lunch” it was unnecessary for them to have a permit in order to have a “Pagan Pizza Party.”

The so-called “Jesus Lunch” next to the Middleton High School has been going on for about two years now, but has only recently become controversial. In recent weeks the FFRF has not only sought to encourage dissension between students at the school in hopes of shutting down the lunch, but they have also endeavored to find a legal argument against the free lunches offered to the students.

Several arguments have been presented against the lunch including lack of proper food preparation, and the fact that the school leases the park during the school day. Unfortunately for opponents of the “Jesus Lunch,” the city of Middleton, who owns the park, has leased the pavilion for the lunch making it a completely legal activity.

Not to be deterred the FFRF foundation sent in an open records request to the City of Middleton asking for, among other things, “a copy of any records indicating an unpaid balance for any of these rentals.” Records released by the City of Middleton as a result of this request revealed no unpaid balance on the part of the lunch organizers.

Despite their insistence that the “Jesus Lunch” organizers have a permit, the organizers of the pizza lunch readily admitted that they did not even attempt to obtain a permit for their activity. For now it appears that the FFRF is unable to stop the lunch through legal means so they are going to cause as much trouble as possible until it is shut down.

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