National Dems Back Tom Nelson in WI

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

National Democrats are salivating at the chance to pick up a Congressional seat here in Wisconsin, and their man on the ground is Tom Nelson. A former Democratic Assembly Majority Leader who went on to become Outagamie County Executive, Nelson also ran for lieutenant governor on the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial ticket. He is currently running to replace outgoing Republican Congressman Reid Ribble.

On May 13, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – the official party arm responsible for electing Congressional Democrats – announced that Nelson was a finalist in their “Red to Blue” program that seeks to flip control of seats currently held by Republicans. “House Democrats are on offense and will pick up seats in November, and these talented and diverse candidates are the foundation of our success,” a spokesman for the DCCC said in a statement.

Nelson announced his candidacy in early April and now, in mid-May, his campaign website is still not up outside of a single fundraising webpage. In making his announcement Nelson deplored partisanship complaining to the press, “It seems like too many in Washington are caught up with scoring partisan political points and trying to win the next election”.

Already the NRCC, the GOP counterpart to the DCCC, is blasting Nelson for his role in pushing through tax hikes under Gov. Jim Doyle’s (D) administration. Republicans do not yet have a nominee for the seat and a primary is underway.

In his current county budget, Nelson pushed for a 10.8% increase in government spending and a smaller increase in property taxes.

Here’s a screen-shot of Nelson’s yet-to-be-finished campaign site:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.26.04 PM