Nehlen Becoming Democrats Favorite “Republican”

Although two Democrats are running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, it is the supposedly conservative Republican challenging Ryan that is drawing the most positive buzz from leading Democrats.

The liberal blog Cognitive Dissidence has picked up on the call to unite behind Paul Nehlen. In consecutive posts on May 11th and 12th, Jeff Simpson, formerly of Blogging Blue, pleaded for Democrats to unite behind supposed conservative Paul Nehlen.

In a post titled “Democrats for Nehlen” Simpson opined, “However there is one more thing that could be the most important thing you do all summer. In the August 9 Statewide Primary, Vote for Paul Nehlen. Seriously, in a low turnout election anyway, show up to end Paul Ryan’s career.” He further advocated that, “You can go back to party purity in the November elections.”

In his follow up post on May 12th Simpson clenched his argument with this call to action, “Let us take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to us. We must keep the pressure up on Paul Ryan from the left, right and center and then on August 9th vote for Paul Nehlen!”

Media Tracker’s previously reported that Nehlen had appeared in studio with ultra-liberal Madison talk show host John “Sly” Sylvester, a radio host best known for his crude and off color remarks about Republicans.

Nehlen also recently appeared on the Devil’s Advocates radio, a left leaning Madison drive time radio show.

It appears that Paul Nehlen is rapidly becoming Democrats favorite conservative.