Tom Nelson’s Horrendous “Fair Share” budget

Tom Nelson (D) is running to replace retiring Congressman Reid Ribble (R) in Wisconsin’s 8th District. Although he has not provided many specific policy proposals yet, Nelson claims he is running to represent, “the true interests of the people here in Northern Wisconsin.” His record shows that he evidently considers bloated bureaucracy and skyrocketing taxes to be one of the major priorities of Northern Wisconsin residents.

Nelson served in the Wisconsin Assembly from 2004 to 2010 and he was the Assembly Majority Leader from 2008 to 2010. As majority leader, he helped shepherd Gov. Jim Doyle’s (D) horrendous 2009-2011 budget through the legislature.

It bears remembering just how terrible this budget, which led to the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill (also known as Act 10), truly was.

Although Nelson claimed at the time that the 2009-2011 budget would cut more than $3 billion in spending, an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau showed that the budget would actually increase spending by $3.6 billion over two years. This amounted to 6.2% increase over previous budgets.

The budget also included a $2.9 billion increase in bonds as well as increased taxes on homeowners as well as a new taxes on phone service and Internet access. The budget also included targeted tax increases on cigarettes, guns, and boat registrations.

Despite Governor Doyle’s repeated claims that there would be no new taxes, Nelson helped to push through a budget that increased income, property, and capital gains taxes.

This according to Tom Nelson was just everyone paying their “fair share.”