Republican Challenging Ryan Admits He Sounds Like Dem

Paul Nehlen recently doubled down on his attempt to attract a strong Democrat crossover vote during his second appearance on a radio show hosted by ultra liberal talk show host John “Sly” Sylvester.

During his latest interview with Sly, Nehlen expressed pride in the fact that many people suggest his talking points sound more in line with Democrats than Republicans.

Nationally, Nehlen has attempted to portray himself as a conservative alternative to Paul Ryan by appearing on Breitbart Radio multiple times and attracting endorsements from Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin, but locally he is painting himself as a “Republican” with Democratic talking points.

During his interview, Sly inquired about the response he was getting from inside the district, Nehlen seemed to revel in the fact that, as he sat down and talked with groups in Janesville, “they said, gosh, you know, you almost sound like a Democrat.” Interestingly he responded by telling them that they “shouldn’t think of me as any particular party because I’m here for American workers.”

Nehlen also repeated his call to Democrats to crossover and vote for him on August 9th. He acknowledged that he was not running a Republican campaign but was instead focused on trying to build a coalition with liberals that appears to be built around their distaste for Ryan.

Interestingly, despite sharing multiple interviews with Breitbart news on social media, Nehlen has not yet promoted his interviews with liberal Wisconsin radio hosts.