Lawyer Critical of Walker, Schimel Donates to Dems

Whenever there is a controversy surrounding the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources you can be sure that Carl Sinderbrand will weigh in with his opinion and the media will dutifully repeat his criticisms.

Sinderbrand, who is frequently quoted in news stories criticizing Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel, and the Wisconsin DNR, has represented several plaintiffs in lawsuits against the DNR. He is also a board member for the environmental activist group Clean Wisconsin and a donor to many Wisconsin liberals.

According to campaign finance records, Sinderbrand has donated to liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Shirley Abrahamson, Ann Walsh Bradley, and failed Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg. Additionally, Sinderbrand supported Tom Barrett during his two failed gubernatorial bids against Walker, and backed Susan Happ during her failed run for Wisconsin Attorney General against Brad Schimel.

Sinderbrand is married to MaryAnn Sumi, the radically left-wing Dane County judge who struck down 2011 Act 10 before the Wisconsin Supreme Court re-instituted it. Shortly after the decision, Sinderbrand penned an op-ed attempting to portray himself as non-partisan despite donating to 3 of the 14 Democratic lawmakers who fled to Rockford, Illinois during the Act 10 debate.

Although Sinderbrand claims that, “we are not all red or blue, and that partisan affiliation is way down the list of how we define ourselves,” it appears that by his actions he has clearly defined himself as “blue.”