Van Stippen Wife, Staffer Charged With Theft in 2007

Colleen Van Stippen, wife and aide to, Democratic state Senate candidate Bryan Van Stippen, was charged with misdemeanor theft in a bizarre case that would have required her now-husband to testify as a witness supporting his wife who was allegedly involved in two separate affairs with the coworkers as part of a scheme to steal corporate property.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Media Trackers, Colleen Van Stippen, under her maiden name Colleen Donnan, was accused of falsifying records to cover for fellow Fox Valley Distributing employees Sterling Seizert and Colin Brill.

Fox Valley Distributing is a Kirby vacuum cleaner dealer that operated with salespeople signing out equipment for demonstration and sales. When a salesperson closed a deal, Fox Valley Distributing split the proceeds with the salesperson. Inventory checkout was controlled by both physical and digital records, documents submitted as part of a court case show.

The criminal complaint states that, at the request of Seizert and Brill, Donnan falsified sales records in order to conceal the fact that the two salesmen had stolen Kirby products to sell on the side.

The scam called for replacing the item number of a product that had been sold to a customer with a different item number for a product that had been stolen, thereby showing that the item had been sold to the customer when it had actually been stolen from the company.

This scam was repeated multiple times over the course of a year resulting in a $1,600 loss to the company, Fox Valley Distributing alleged.

The victim impact statement filed by Fox Valley Distributing owners Jeffrey and Jody Kesler alleges that Donnan’s motivation for these actions was that she was having sexual relationships with both Seizert and Brill. According to their submission to the court:

“Colleen had sexual relationships with two reps, first Sterling Seizert, and then Colin Brill. These relationships affected both reps performances. Sterling went from the 2nd highest performer in our four state region and having a savings account started for his branch office to such a low level of performance that he couldn’t pay his bills and ultimately depleted his entire savings account.” As for Brill, “The addiction of the affair with Colleen compounded his personal problems exponentially. He frequently came to the offie in the same clothes as the day before looking like he slept in them and smelling strongly of alcohol.”

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Court documents may be viewed here:

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