MKE Teacher Decorates Classroom with Union Poster

A Milwaukee Public Schools teacher wants everyone who enters her classroom to know that she opposes efforts to reform and restructure the failing school district. According to a tweet by the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA), the local union that represents teachers and supports the failing status quo of MPS, Rufus King High School teacher Kelly O’Keefe-Boettcher has posted an MTEA poster that stridently opposes the so-called recovery district proposal.

While Rufus King is considered a high performing public school, many schools in MPS are failing students and the community according to state education data.

An effort to create a “recovery district” that would allow the Milwaukee County Executive to work with MPS to overhaul low performing schools in the district passed the Wisconsin legislature, but has so far been stymied by Milwaukee advocates of the current, failing system.

As part of its campaign to create opposition to the recovery district, MTEA has created no take over signs, that include the slogan: “Protect our public schools” and “Defend Democracy.”

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