WEAC Deletes Graphic That Depicted Violence Against Women

After public backlash Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) removed their graphic depicting violence against women from all their social media pages.

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) published a graphic attacking Republicans for supporting Education Savings Accounts (ESA). The graphic featured a picture of a man in a hoodie attacking a female carrying a backpack.

WEAC published the attacks despite the fact that according to reports, Wisconsin Republican’s are not yet convinced of the need to champion this reform.

According to a report published by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty ESA’s are simply where, “[T]he government deposits funds into the parent’s account and parents are able to use the funds on at whatever education institution or whichever services that their child requires. Parents can shop around for the best services and the best prices.”

It appears that, after a public backlash, WEAC has decided to roll back their attack on this Conservative reform idea. It is not clear yet if WEAC will also apologize for using this disgusting graphic.