Dem Mandy Wright Claims Kids are Crying Because of Her Record

Democratic state Assembly candidate Mandy Wright, who served one term in the legislature before losing her re-election attempt in 2014, is now locked in a tough fight to recapture her old seat for her party this November. In a recent Facebook post, Wright claimed that she’s hearing about children in the districting who are crying about a radio ad from her opponent that highlights her legislative record.

“Yet another mom friend told me her child was nearly in tears over the negative-and all false-attacks against me,” Wright claimed in a social media post on Sunday. Suggesting the ad was a violation of “basic human decency” Wright wrote, “This is beyond politics, and beyond policy.

This is about the civic discourse we allow in our community and around our kids.”

Calling advertisements critical of her record “poison” she went on to urge supporters to be “pushing back against the hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent to poison our community.”

So what did that radio ad claim? Here’s the transcript of the ad:

“My mom and dad taught me to always keep my promises. They say I have to if I want people to trust me. I heard them say this teacher, Mandy Wright, wants to get elected, but she doesn’t keep her promises. My mom said she promised to help schools, but she voted against giving them $300 million dollars. My dad said she promised to help veterans, like him, but she said no to extra money to help them too. They also say Mandy Wright promised to take care of old people, like my grandma and grandpa, but she said no to helping them with their medicine. And she got a fine for lying. She called in sick at her school, so the kids had no teacher, but she wasn’t even sick! So if Mandy Wright broke all these promises, I don’t think I can trust her. I bet that’s why she lost the last election. Why would anyone want to vote for Mandy Wright in this election?”

The ad, which was run by Wright’s Republican opponent, Pat Snyder, doesn’t personally attack Wright, but instead highlights parts of her record that are inconvenient for her current campaign. Wright’s vote against $300 million for schools came when she voted in 2013 against the state budget bill.

It is a fact that Wright herself has admitted that she, as a teacher, once called into school sick so she wouldn’t have to teach students even though she herself wasn’t actually sick that day. That part of the ad isn’t a “poison” or violation of “basic human decency,” it is a fact that Wright has admitted and confirmed.

Election night returns are likely to be a nail bitter in the central Wisconsin district, but nothing in the ad Wright so vehemently hates distorts her record.

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