29 (Mostly Liberal) Groups Driving Voter Turnout in WI

Early voting is well underway in Wisconsin, and according to Common Cause Wisconsin, a leftwing group, no fewer than 29 organizations and individuals are offering voters a ride to polls both now and on election day. But the Common Cause count doesn’t include right-of-center organizations or mention any GOP party ride programs, although it does mention two Democratic Party programs and several leftwing community organizing efforts.

While it describes itself as a “non-partisan” organization, Common Cause Wisconsin has a history of leftwing activism. It has organized biased events on college campuses, and even called criminal justice reform legislation backed by Republicans, “toxic, dangerous, mind-altering and ought to be avoided and made illegal.”

In a half-baked attempt to conceal the partisan identity of at least two election day poll-ride programs, Common Cause listed the phone numbers for the programs and their geographic area, but only notated the groups as “a political party.” One entity is the Democratic Party of Brown County, the other is the Democratic Party of Sheboygan County, according to online searches using the phone numbers listed in the Common Cause directory.

The head of Common Cause has used his position to attack Republicans in the press.

This week, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that early voting is setting records in Madison this election.

Wisconsin Jobs Now and Citizen Action of Wisconsin are two leftwing organizations that are offering voters rides according to the Common Cause report, although WJN hasn’t advertised its early voting efforts this year as much as it has done in the past.

Common Cause list: rides-to-the-polls-2016_-updated-10-27