Dem Party Vice-Chair Fails to Disclose Campaign Cash

The first vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has failed to properly disclose his campaign’s fundraising and expenses according to a review of state records. State Rep. David Bowen, a Milwaukee Democrat who serves in the Assembly and is running for re-election, has yet to file his campaign’s September continuing report.

An official with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission confirmed via telephone on Monday afternoon that Bowen’s campaign has not submitted the September report. Media Trackers noticed that the state’s Campaign Finance Information System did not show a September filing by Bowen.

Bowen’s campaign is named “Bowen 4 Action,” but apparently that action doesn’t including filing campaign finance reports on time.

Regardless of whether or not they face an opponent in the general election, candidates for state office were required to file a campaign finance report no later than September 27 showing their campaign’s fundraising and expenses for all of August and the last few days of July. The report’s due date is clearly explained in a campaign finance summary prepared by the state Ethics Commission.

Bowen was elected to the state Assembly in 2014, and in his capacity as first vice-chairman of the Democratic Party he has been spending a significant amount of time recently rallying fellow Democrats in support of the party’s candidates up and down the ballot.

In July, WisPolitics reported that Bowen had to re-submit a campaign finance report after the one his campaign originally submitted was found to contain errors. Bowen had actually raised more money than the initial report indicated.

During one of the U.S. Senate race debates, Bowen quoted Sen. Russ Feingold (D) criticizing Sen. Ron Johnson (R) for failing to support campaign finance reform. Feingold has his own history of ignoring campaign finance regulations.

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