Wisconsin State Rep Dresses As Sheriff Clarke for Halloween

State Representative Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee) attended a Halloween party dressed as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Barnes has made no secret of his distaste for Clarke in the past, even going so far as to question if he is even black last year. This year Barnes decided to up the ante. In an outfit complete with multiple rows of ribbons, a cowboy hat, orange plastic gun, and name tag reading “Clarke,” Barnes quite convincingly pulled off the look of the controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff.

According to Barnes the idea for his costume was birthed during a conversation with friends in which he expressed a desire to outfit himself in a scary costume.

One of his friends mentioned the epidemic of scary clown sightings that has been sweeping the country this year. Barnes, in what he evidently viewed to be a humorous move, took the idea and ran with it by dressing as a “scary clown” Sheriff Clarke.

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