Milwaukee Liberals Form Coalition Against Trump

Following the lead of protests across the nation, liberal groups in Milwaukee are seeking to form a Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election last week, protests against his “hateful rhetoric” have spread across the country. People from New York to Seattle have been taking to the streets to protest the election results. Now Milwaukee liberal groups are seeking to continue protesting with the groups around the country by issuing press releases and scheduling planning meetings.

In response to the developments of the past week, immigrant rights group Voces De La Frontera has scheduled several forums around the state designed to plan for, “work stoppages and mass protest in the event that Trump moves forward with his plans.” That is an apparent reference to Trump’s intent to deport 2 to 3 million criminal illegal immigrants.

Not to be left out, the newly rebranded Young Peoples Resistance Committee (formerly known as Youth Empowered in the Struggle or more simply YES!) is seeking to form a Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump. According to the event page promoted by the group, this safe space is for, “taking suggestions, answering questions, planning events and creating energy.”  Rules for attendance are simple: no hate and no violence.

How they will accomplish their goals of removing both President Elect Donald Trump and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from office while following the self imposed rules of their safe space remains to be seen.