Trump Win Stresses UW Faculty

It appears the week after Election Day was an emotionally draining one for college faculty around Wisconsin. While reports of professors cancelling classes were not uncommon, UW-LaCrosse  Assistant Professor of Political Science/Public Administration, Regina Goodnow, wore her emotions on her sleeve in this email to students in her Comparative Politics class.

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Of course, not all of Goodnow’s students were distraught over the election results; including the student whose father forwarded Goodnow’s email.

And administrators at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay apparently felt the day after election day was a good time to remind faculty of the mental health services NWTC provides to its employees.

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The faculty member who shared this email seemed to have more anxiety as a result of his employer’s response to the election than he did the election itself.

Meanwhile, it appears the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is coping with the election results by employing a denial avoidance mechanism.  A visit to its homepage produces a banner urging you to vote November 8th and reminds you that you don’t have to vote for Donald Trump.

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