“Non-Partisan” LWV Partners With Union Radio Show

The League of Women Voters touts itself as a “non-partisan” organization. From the LWV website:

From the beginning, the League has been an activist, grassroots organization whose leaders believed that citizens should play a critical role in advocacy. It was then, and is now, a nonpartisan organization. League founders believed that maintaining a nonpartisan stance would protect the fledgling organization from becoming mired in the party politics of the day. However, League members were encouraged to be political themselves, by educating citizens about, and lobbying for, government and social reform legislation.

Local chapters of the LWV, using the non-partisan brand, plays hosts to candidate forums for local races across the country. While the LWV can rightly claim that it doesn’t endorse candidates it has taken decidedly liberal positions on some issues, including voter ID laws. A section on its website on voter suppression looks as though it could have been produced by the Democratic Party.

Now the LWV  has partnered with “The Union Edge,” which bills itself as the only nationally-syndicated labor talk radio program in the country. From a Union Edge news release:

“The League looks forward to reaching a diverse new audience of listeners across the country,” said Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “The Labor community has a strong record in elections and we embrace the opportunity to have thoughtful discussions about issues that impact American voters.”

A perusal of The Union Edge podcasts reveals that its content is standard liberal talk radio fare:

  • “Barry Craig of the Kentucky AFL-CIO brings us some hard to hear news about Right To Work and Prevailing Wage in Kentucky.”
  • Bill Londrigan of the Kentucky AFL-CIO comes on the program to talk about the importance of Prevailing Wage and repealing Right To Work legislation.
  • Bobby Lewis of Media Matters describes what appears to be a legislative coup in North Carolina. Since they have elected and Democratic Governor the republican majority has done their best to restrict the power of the Governor’s position.
  • National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) President Tony Reardon joins us to talk about the long-overdue wage increase for federal employees, and the Trump transition team questionnaire requesting names of scientists working on climate change.

The LWV segments will appear on the show twice a month, starting January 3rd. The show airs on 33 stations.