Belling: NC School Requiring Parental Permission for Students to View Inaugration

Milwaukee Talk Show host Mark Belling shared with his audience Friday an email from a North Carolina Teacher who said his employer is requiring parental permission slips before students can view President-Elect Donald Trump’s inaugural address on Friday. Belling read on-air an email that his North Carolina listener said came from an assistant superintendent of schools. According to Belling, it read in part:

The inauguration events can certainly be a learning opportunity for our students. Please keep a few things in mind if you decide to show the inauguration during the school day. Parents will need to provide permission for their children to view the inauguration. Teachers and administrators should not share their personal political positions in regard to the inauguration. Students whose parents don’t want them to view the inauguration must be provided an alternate learning activity.

Belling said that in the email he had received, the teacher pointed out that eight years ago he and his colleagues were encouraged to show President Obama’s inaugural address and that on an annual basis social studies teachers had been instructed to use the State of the Union address as a “beacon of instruction.”

Many schools across the country showed President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. There are no known incidents of any district requiring parental permission back then.