Lawrence U. Offers “Open Doors” on Inauguration Day

Lawrence University in Appleton sent out this email Monday afternoon:

The inauguration of a new President of the United States is always a significant event in the life of our nation. This Friday we will inaugurate our 45th President.  For some this will be a time of celebration. Others will be soberly reflecting on what this new administration will mean for them and many issues about which they care deeply. Several offices are participating in an Open Doors initiative during regular hours of operation on January 20. They will  have staff available to talk with students on a walk-in basis who would like to share this process of reflection (or excitement). Counselors will also be available for same-day referrals. Open Doors offices are listed below.

Accessibility Services                         136 Briggs Hall

Center for Academic Success             117 Briggs Hall

Diversity Center                                  First Floor Memorial Hall

International Student Services            711 E. Boldt Way (International House)

Religious  & Spiritual Life                  First Floor Raymond House

Wellness Center                                  The Wellness Center Building

Kimberly Barrett, Ph.D.

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

and Associate Dean of the Faculty

I reached out to Barrett asking her if LU sent out a similar email for either of the inaugurations of President Obama. Here response:

I was not employed at LU at that time so I don’t know.

It’s unclear why LU feels students would need these services; especially students who are excited about the inauguration.