School Says Teacher Didn’t Know “Wear Red” was a DeVos Protest

The principal of Neenah’s Tullar Elementary School claims a fifth grade teacher inadvertently encouraged her classroom to take part Wednesday in a protest of President Donald Trump’s Education Secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos. Principal Diane Galow sent a letter to parents Wednesday explaining that the teacher saw a post on Facebook for “Wear Red on Wed to Support Public Education.”  The letter explains that:

This well-respected teacher did not realize this had any ties to protesting the Secretary of Education nominee. This teacher shared the idea of “Wear Red on Wed to Support Public Education” with her students, and encouraged them to wear red.

While it is unclear which Facebook page the teacher viewed, the “Wear Red for Ed” Facebook page does make it clear that the intent of wearing red Wednesday was to protest the DeVos nomination. But Galow was emphatic that the teacher was unaware of that motive:

No mention was ever made of Betsy DeVos, President Trump or charter vs. public schools. (The Teacher) was visibly shaken this morning when I shared an article regarding the political aspect of this day with her after receiving a parent call questioning Wear Red to Support Public Ed Day in a Tullar classroom. Again, her intent was simply showing support for public education and our school system.


Please know that:


Our school is not political. That would be inappropriate. Based on the political tension this year, Tullar did not even hold a mock election. (The teacher) had no political agenda when encouraging the kids to wear red. Both (The Teacher) and I sincerely apologize for this incident.


Wear Red to Support Public Education was isolated to one classroom. Please trust that we would never knowingly use our students in a political manner, and will work as a staff to ensure this does not happen in the future. Please direct any questions about this letter to either me or to (The Teacher) Thank you for trusting us with your children.

Galow’s letter to parents: