Walker Proposes Eliminating Requirement for Monthly School Board Meetings

Southwest Licking Local Schools
Southwest Licking Local Schools administrative offices, Pataskala

Governor Scott Walkers 2017-19 budget eliminates the requirement that school boards meet every month. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson told Media Trackers that the change is among several requirements Walker wants to eliminate in an effort to allow school boards to innovate and determine best practices. Evenson said, “ultimately, school boards are accountable to their voters.” Evenson didn’t explain how eliminating the monthly meeting requirement might spur innovation.

Under Walker’s proposal school boards would still be required to meet once a year.

Assembly Education Committee Chairman, Republican Jeremy Theisfeldt of Fond du Lac, was unaware of the provision until told about it by Media Trackers. Theisfeldt said he was caught off guard by it. “I guess I’m a little hesitant about it. One thing I think most people can count on is that their school board will meet each month. If they can’t count on that, I think it makes more it more difficult to keep track of what your school board is doing.”

Theisfeldt checked the current requirements and said it appears to him that city councils are the only other local governmental entities required to meet monthly. He said it’s possible Walker wants to make school districts consistent with most other local governments. Theisfeldt added that he had not heard any concerns from any school district in Wisconsin about the monthly meeting requirement.