Will Larson Apologize For Re-tweet of False Ron Johnson Story?

State Senator Chris Larson re-tweeted a now debunked claim that U.S. Senator Ron Johnson sent a “cease and desist letter” to constituents trying to meet with him, calling Johnson a national embarrassment:

But about an hour and a half after Larson’s tweet, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ran a Politifact piece, declaring the story false:


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Citizen Action says “people who come to” their dissent actions “get a ‘cease and desist’ letter” from Johnson’s office.

Despite the broadness of the claim, the group produced a cease-and-desist letter written to only one person who it says has been involved in Citizen Action initiatives such as preserving the Affordable Care Act.

The letter demands that the man stop visiting or calling any of Johnson’s staff or offices, but says written communications will be received. And Johnson’s staff says it issued the letter, on the advice of the U.S. Capitol Police, because the man had been harassing and threatening to staff, not because he protested any of Johnson’s actions.

We rate the statement False.

The Capitol Times also shot down the story. Will State Senator Chris Larson apologize to Johnson for using a completely unsubstantiated story to call him “a national embarrassment?”