Liberal Group’s Double Standard on Johnson “Cease and Desist”

After smearing Republican Senator Ron Johnson over a letter his office sent to a single constituent, the liberal group Citizen Action of Wisconsin made the rare move of apologizing. In the wordy mea culpa, CAW earlier this month admitted that it was out of line in suggesting Johnson was sending cease and desist letters to constituents who requested that the senator hold town hall meetings. In fact; the single letter was sent at the recommendation of Capitol police after the man engaged in harassing behavior. CAW Executive Director Robert Kraig seemed earnestly contrite in the early March blog post apology:

Given the tremendous and growing power of social media, clearly exhibited by the President Trump, Citizen Action should have had in place safeguards that assured that we would not post a charge against a public figure without providing appropriate clarifying context which clearly matches the evidence to the claim. For that failure I apologize, and promise we will strive to do better.

Given those words, you may be surprised to learn that CAW’s website still contains a petition where you can tell Johnson you will not “cease and desist:”

Dissent is patriotic, that’s what we believe. That’s why for months we’ve been showing up to Congressional offices, calling every day, writing letters/emails/postcards & more. And it’s why our members took part in town halls and rallies across the state last week during the Congressional Recess, including a 500+ person rally in Greenfield and 150+ in Wausau. Complete with empty chairs for, and a large cardboard cutout of, Senator Ron Johnson.

Speaking out is the American Way. That is why it shocked us when one of the Wisconsin citizens who has been contacting Senator Johnson received a “cease and desist” letter (click for full letter) threatening to turn him over to the Capitol Police.  One expert on Congress quoted in The Intercept said this was an “extraordinary unusual” letter and that he had never heard of Congressional office taking such action before.

We think the letter expresses in extreme form Senator Johnson’s disregard for the opinions of his own constituents. Senator Johnson is trying his best not to hear our concerns about the future of healthcare, about the future of our country and the fate of our families. There’s another Congressional Recess coming up, and the ACA hasn’t been repealed yet. Join us in saying “We will NOT Cease and Desist!

The wording of the petition is nearly identical to the post for which CAW has now apologized. So, if CAW is going to continue to misrepresent the letter Johnson’s office sent out with this petition, why did they apologize?