Newly Surfaced Potential Senate Candidate Fails To Address Deleted Tweets

On Tuesday, Media Trackers reported that the Nicole Schneider of Green Bay was considering a run for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. Schneider is a member of the family that owns Schneider National Trucking Company. Her ability to self-fund her campaign was seen as a potential game-changer in the race. However, on Wednesday, conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna published tweets and re-tweets by Schneider that raise serious questions about her conservative bona fides. And after telling Media Trackers she would comment on the tweets, Schneider thus far has failed to do. As McKenna reported:

In these, she is critical of Gov Walker, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump–while seemingly praising Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Tammy Baldwin.  Oh and she also seems to dislike SODA CONSUMPTION(!!)

And here are some more deleted posts on everything from apparent praise of transgender bathroom policy to her seemingly favorable view of Elizabeth Warren, to her apparent belief in the leftwing narrative on the so-called “wage gap”.  She even seems to praise Tammy Baldwin and Obamacare.  She also appears to be mocking traditional marriage.  And what’s with her enthusiasm for psychic mediums(!!!)
McKenna won’t say he provided her with the cache of deleted tweets. Media Trackers reached out to Schneider Thursday seeking comment. We were told that after she “huddled with her team” she would be sending us a statement addressing the tweets later Thursday. After a series of email exchanges and as of Friday morning, Schneider has not provided us with a statement.
Schneider’s entry into the race would see a potential self-funding candidate entering a potentially crowded field, with has many as a half dozen other names of potential candidates being tossed around. Also on Thursday, it was announced that  that GOP mega-donor Richard Uihlein has contributed $2 million to Solutions for Wisconsin, a newly formed super PAC that has endorsed Marine vet Kevin Nicholson, who has not yet formally entered the race.