Larson Implies Senate Resolution Would Have Prevented Attack on Muslim Woman

Democratic State Senator Chris Larson issued a news release Thursday that implied President Trump bore responsibility for the attack on a Muslim woman in Milwaukee. Larson also appeared to claim state senate Republicans share responsibility for the attack.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the woman was walking home from her morning prayers at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee early Monday morning when she was attacked. The JS Online quoted  a member of the society’s executive committee as saying a car pulled up alongside her on S. 13th St. near W. Layton Ave., and a man got out demanding she remove her hijab (head scarf).  The woman told WITI TV in Milwaukee that the man beat her as she held tightly to the scarf to keep it on. The man also reportedly threw the woman to the ground, stomped on her and cut at her clothing with a knife.

So far,  police know little about the attacker:

Milwaukee police did not say they were investigating this as a hate crime. In a statement, the department said officers responded to a battery in the 4800 block of S. 13th St. about 11:30 a.m. Monday. A woman told police she was “struck by an unknown suspect” several hours earlier near 13th St. and Layton Ave. and police continue to search for the male suspect, according to police.

But that didn’t stop Larson from implying that Trump somehow influenced the attacker:

“We must continue to stand up against the misguided hate and violence being fueled by a loud but small minority. Keeping America on the path of inclusion and opportunity depends on us standing up against hate each time it seeks to divert and diminish us.

“Beyond the hateful rhetoric spewed by the Republican president and his followers, real families are in imminent danger. This is not the America we strive for and it is not the history the majority of us want to be written.


Larson also seems to believe that passing a resolution in the State Senate might have prevented the attack:

In January, we introduced the Resist Hate Joint Resolution. Over a hundred community members showed up at the press conference unveiling the legislative resolution to show solidarity with our Muslim neighbors. Hundreds more signed the Resist Hate petition. To date, Senate Republicans have failed to schedule this joint resolution (SJR 9/AJR 9) for a vote.


“We can wait no longer. We must, as a state, send a message that hate and violence will not be tolerated.”

The Left and the media had similarly attempted to blame Trump for bomb threats called in to Jewish community centers in Milwaukee and elsewhere. From a Journal-Sentinel editorial in March calling on Trump to do more to investigate the threats:

Trump has not done enough, especially considering that his own vitriolic campaign for president helped unleash this contemptible behavior. The president should order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin a civil rights investigation and order all other government departments to cooperate.

In late March, a Jewish teen was arrested in Jerusalem for the threats. Following the arrest, the story virtually vanished from the American media.