MSM Ignores Evidence Media Trackers Presented at Liberal News Conference

A Northeast Wisconsin newspaper and two television states had little appetite for facts beyond the narrative a liberal group was advancing at a Friday afternoon news conference in downtown Green Bay. As Media Trackers reported Friday, Lawrence University music teacher and Democratic Party member Sumner Truax used the presser to call on Congressman Mike Gallager to hold a town hall meeting. Truax, with a group of supporters behind him, announced that they would be holding a town hall meeting later this month, with or without Gallagher.

Truax claimed “We’re not looking to ambush the congressman. This is the only outlet to directly speak with our elected representative,” Media Trackers attended the news conference and drew several facts out of Truax:

  • When a television photojournalist asked Truax for a title, Truax replied he was “just a citizen.” When asked by Media Trackers, Truax confirmed he was a member of the Outgamie County Democratic Party. None of the other media outlets present reported this initial evasion.
  • A tweet by Truax seemed to indicate that the radical liberal group One Wisconsin Now was sponsoring the town hall event. Truax denies this. No other media outlet addressed this.
  • Media Trackers asked Truax if Gallagher had offered to meet with him personally. Truax told us Gallagher had, more than once and that Truax wasn’t available. No media outlet covering the news conference reported this.
  • None of the outlets appeared to have done even the minimum “Google Journalism.” A search would have turned up the fact that the group “Indivisible” was promoting the event, which suggest that it would indeed be the same “gotcha” event as other town halls
  • A check of Truax’s Twitter feed would have revealed a March tweet to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), in which Truax says:

Asking the Democratic Congressional campaign arm for “marching orders” would seem to suggest than a group of concerned Northeast Wisconsin Democrats. Yet, the NE Wisconsin MSM did not find any of this. Certainly, the question of whether Gallagher should hold town hall meetings is one for legitimate debate. Truax and the others at the news conference suggest Gallagher doesn’t have to fear an ambush if he attends the meeting they arrange. The evidence presented by Media Trackers suggest otherwise. Yet the media covering the news conference chose to ignore it.

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Update: on Monday, One Wisconsin Now’s Scot Ross eloquently denied on Twitter his group was involved: