Dem Who Told Female Colleague “You’re F’ing Dead” Now Concerned About Women?

Representative Gordon Hintz (D)-Oshkosh, held a news conference at U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh office Friday to present three residents who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The three residents are women and Hintz appears to be suggesting that women would be hardest hit by a Republican proposal to eliminate the ACA:

Today, June 30, Representative Gordon Hintz will hold a 10 AM press

conference on Trumpcare with Oshkosh area residents Lisa Hansen, Sarah Conklin,

and Ann Schmidt, who’ve all benefited from the assistance of the Affordable

Care Act

Republicans like Senator Ron Johnson delayed the this week’s vote because they

want to make this bill worse, not better.

Hintz’s attempt to play the “women hardest hit” card is filled with irony. Gordon Hintz circa 2011 had a much different approach to women From back then:

The only person in America who’s had a more interesting week than this guy is Charlie Sheen. Last Monday, he was the left’s new hero for his bravura, screeching, truth-to-power grandstanding on the Wisconsin assembly floor. The next day, local police revealed that he’d recently been cited in connection with a prostitution sting on a massage parlor. Fast forward a few more days to the big vote on Walker’s budget bill, annnnnnd


“After the vote to engross, he turns to a female conservative Republican, who is also from the Oshkosh area, looks at her and says, ‘You are f—ing dead,’” Sykes said. “He didn’t say ‘f—ing,’ he said the whole thing. He says to a female colleague, ‘You are f—ing dead.’”

That’s from radio host Charlie Sykes, allegedly relaying what he’d been told by GOP Rep. Michelle Litjens. How do we know she’s telling the truth? Well, without specifying as to why, Hintz apparently felt the need to apologize to her this afternoon.


In response to the Gordon Hintz press conference in Oshkosh today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from spokesman Alec Zimmerman:

“How can Gordon Hintz honestly stand and talk about healthcare alongside Wisconsin women after being cited for solicitation at a massage parlor? This despicable stunt shows that Gordon Hintz is truly a sleazy politician who knows no shame—he should recognize his complete lack of credibility and immediately apologize to Wisconsinites for his actions today.”