Does Andy Gronik Want to Make Wisconsin Like Illinois?

With a potentially packed Democratic gubernatorial primary on its way for Wisconsin voters, every candidate on that side of the aisle will be trying to make his or her mark. For the fledgling campaign of Milwaukee-area businessman Andy Gronik, it appears to be one committed to turning back the clock.

That’s the tone one gets from a recent fund raising email from the Gronik campaign shortly after their announcement. In it, Gronik’s team lays out an extremely far-left agenda, one which includes repealing Act 10 – the legislation which reformed public employee collective bargaining throughout the state.

The email, credited to Gronik’s campaign manager Maura Tracy, was the campaign’s answer to one of two mailers released by the Republican Party of Wisconsin to target potential Walker opponents. In addition to the mailer targeting Gronik, there was one targeting state Rep. Dana Wachs (D-Eau Claire), who is also considering a run for governor.

Andy isn’t going to stop fighting against a governor who has pursued his political ambitions and protected his party while Wisconsin families pay the price. Don’t forget, Governor Walker has…

  • Rejected federal money to help pay for healthcare for vulnerable Wisconsinites

  • Devastated collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin workers

  • Dissolved our nonpartisan elections board

  • Gutted our public schools by implementing an ill-advised school voucher program

  • Backed Trumpcare, which would force 280,000 Wisconsinites to lose their health insurance

  • Failed to grow Wisconsin’s economy while our neighbors, like Minnesota, see robust job growth and economic development

With a number of Democrats looking at entering the race for governor, Gronik appears to be going all-in to appease the state’s public employee unions before others can enter the race. This maybe how he truly feels, or perhaps it’s meant to cover for the fact he didn’t sign a Walker Recall petition in 2012.

Gronik echoed his stance regarding Act 10 over the weekend during an appearance on WKOW-TV in Madison. On it, Gronik made obviously clear that “All was on the table” when it came to public employee benefits, including whether or not they help pay a share of their benefits and pension – just like the rest of us.
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How Gronik plans to pay for these changes remains to be seen. But with the state having achieved over $5 billion in taxpayer savings since the passage of Act 10. If Gronik were somehow able get a state legislature willing to repeal Act 1o, it would mean a massive tax increase for residents of the Badger State.

Such a path would be similar to the one now being taken to our south, in Illinois. Only recently has a budget impasse been settled which was caused by years of giving public employees exactly what they wanted. Despite the deal, the state still teeters on the brink of financial ruin and only last week avoided becoming the first state in nation to have its credit rating downgraded to “Junk” status.

What happens in the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial primary is anyone’s guess; but if the early rhetoric from Gronik’s campaign is anything, it could be contest where every candidate makes a hard sprint to Left. If that’s the case, it could be a potentially expensive exercise for Wisconsin taxpayers.