“Hollywood” Tammy Baldwin

The election is still 15 months away, but Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin’s re-election bid apparently has already gotten the attention of some Hollywood celebrities. Baldwin’s 2nd Quarter campaign finance report includes contributions from actresses Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Barbara Streisand. Each woman gave Baldwin $1,000. None of the three are noted for their shyness in displaying their far left bona fides:

Jane Fonda

After Trump Won The 2016, Jane Fonda Said “I Feel Like I Was Hit By A Truck.” CNN, 11/11/16

In 2002, Jane Fonda Went To Jerusalem And Protested Against Israel’s Occupation Of The West Bank And The Gaza Strip.BBC News, 12/20/02

In 1970, Jane Fonda Said “If You Understood What Communism Was, You Would Hope, You Would Pray On Your Knees That We Would Someday Become Communist.” Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 8/23/12

Susan Sarandon

Sarandon Protested Against The Dakota Access Pipeline, Starting An Online Petition That Calls On People To Tell Big Banks To Stop Investing In The Pipeline. CNN, 11/4/16

Sarandon Called Trump A “Horrible Person.” “Entertainment Weekly, 3/6/17

Sarandon Said That Trump Reminds Her “Of A Drunk Uncle At A Wedding.” Entertainment Weekly, 10/4/16 

Sarandon Referred To Pope Benedict XVI As A Nazi.NOLA Media Group, 10/18/11

Barbra Streisand

Barbara Streisand Threatened To Move To Canada Or Australia If Trump Was Elected President. Newsday, 2/1/17

Streisand:  “The Rise Of Donald Trump As A Likely GOP Nominee Is At Once Terrifying And A Joke That Isn’t Funny.” Huffington Post, 3/26/17

Streisand Said That Donald Trump Was Making Her Fat. The Independent, 3/6/17

Alec Zimmerman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin said in an email statement:

“Instead of fighting for hard-working Wisconsin families, Senator Baldwin is busy defending the status quo for her friends in the liberal Hollywood elite. Wisconsinites voted overwhelmingly for reform last November and they are not getting it from Senator Baldwin.”