A Look at the Man Vying to Be Assembly Dems Next Leader

Oshkosh Representative Gordon Hintz has announced he will seek the post of Assembly minority leader. So, it seems an appropriate time to review his past behavior while in the Assembly.

Former Assembly Democratic leader Peter Barca resigned after fellow Democrats criticized him for his yes vote on the Foxconn development proposal.

Hinz’s bid for leader is supported by Rep. Chris Taylor, who ran unsuccessfully against Barca in 2014. She told the Journal Sentinel that she’s, “excited to support Gordon Hintz.”In an article by the Cap Times, Hintz commented on his vision for the future as he said:

I want to put our caucus in the best position to be successful going into the 2018 election. We’re a big, diverse big tent party and our members have a strong set of core beliefs and shared values. I want to try to get us on the same page so we can not only be an effective opposition party but also offer a concrete, clear alternative so Wisconsin voters know we can do better.


But Hintz’s time in the Assembly tells a different story. In 2011 Hintz was charged with being involved in an Appleton massage parlor suspected of prostitution. Hintz was charged with asking for, and offering to pay for, sexual favors. He didn’t challenge the charge and paid 2,032.50$ for his involvement. The police record regarding the incident can be found in Media Trackers original coverage of the piece.


Hintz also found himself in the hot seat in 2011 when he shouted “You’re f****** dead,” to Republican Rep. Michelle Litjens in the heat of the Act 10 debate. He blamed his outburst on being in shock, and the Journal Sentinel reported that he said he, “apologized when I learned my comments may have been taken personally by someone.”


Barca officially steps down from the position at the end of the month.