While Randy Bryce Demands a Debate from Paul Ryan, He Skips Out on His Own

If you watched only the media circus around Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce, it might be understandable if you thought he was the only Democratic challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Janesville). In fact there is another candidate in the race, one Bryce is doing everything in his power to avoid at all cost.

Also vying for the seat is Janesville teacher and school board member Cathy Myers. Myers announced her candidacy in late June. 

Bryce’s reluctance is understandable. He has historically shown to not have the greatest track record in primaries; losing a three-way fight for the state assembly in 2012 and a local school board primary in 2013. Bryce’s only primary win came in 2014 when party bosses ensured he would have a free ride in a state senate race he’d go on to lose by 24 points.

Bryce’s goal appears to be to avoid giving attention to Myers at all costs. This apparently now includes skipping candidates he agreed to attend. The is scheduled to happened on October 7 in Kenosha. However, according to the Myers’ campaign Twitter account, who called out “The Iron Stache” for ducking the event.

Where is Bryce going to be? Unknown, but Twitter accounts from both Speaker Ryan’s political campaign spokesman and a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman were quick to jump on the misstep, or to call out Bryce for hypocrisy for his non-stop demands to debate Ryan every chance he can get.

Neither Bryce nor his campaign have yet to release a statement on the decision to cancel their appearance.