Baldwin Campaign Agrees to Return Excessive Contributions

The Tammy Baldwin for Senate Campaign Committee will return contributions in excess of legal limits, according to a campaign response to an Federal Elections Commission inquiry posted on the FEC website. As Media Trackers reported last month:

 According to the notice, the Baldwin campaign appears to have received excessive contributions totaling $179, 701.99:

  • Excessive Contributions from Individuals: $94,802
  • Excessive Contributions from Committees: $73,900
  • Excessive Contributions from Committees Not Qualified for Multi-Candidate Status: $10,000
  • Contributions from Unregistered Organizations: $999.99
  • Total Number of Donations: 271
  • 238 Individual Donations
  • 33 Committee and PAC Donations
  • Total Number of Donors: 36

22 Individuals are listed, including former Wisconsin Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and former Democratic U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.

14 Committees and PACs are listed. They include the Midwest Values PAC, founded by Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, Forward Together PAC, which has Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virgnia as its honorary chairmen, M-PAC, which is affiliated with Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington, and Legit-Action PAC, founded by former Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Michael F. Childers, Assistant Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for the Baldwin Campaign Committee wrote in a response to the FEC last month:

You have asked about contributions from individuals and PAC donors that appear to exceed the limits. Some of the contributions you list were reported for the incorrect election due to data entry errors. The Committee will amend any affected reports to show the correct election designations. For the remainder of the contributions listed the Committee is refunding the excessive amounts. The refunds will be disclosed on the next regularly-scheduled report.


You have also asked about contributions from two non-multicandidate PACs. One of the contributions in question was mistakenly reported under the record of a terminated PAC that was not multicandidate. The Committee will amend its report to show the correct name of the donor, which is a multicandidate committee. The Committee will refund the excess portion of the other contribution.

The original FEC inquiry to the Baldwin Campaign Committee stated that although the FEC may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of prohibited contributions,  prompt action to refund the prohibited amount will be taken into consideration. It is unclear from the Committee response the dollar amount of the contributions to be returned. Childer’s response suggests that some contributions were improperly received that were not the product of clerical errors. Requests for comment via the Baldwin campaign’s online contact form and voicemail Thursday and Friday were not returned.