Testin, Campus GOP, Call on UWSP to Recognize Conservative Group

Senator Patrick Testin is calling for UW Stevens Point to recognize the conservative student group Turning Point USA, whose story of denial was first reported by talk show host and Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader on Monday and  by Media Trackers Tuesday. The student group was put through an unprecedented four hours of debate to decide if they would be officially recognized by the university, only to be ultimately denied recognition by the Student Government Association on grounds that other student organizations felt it would make them feel unsafe on campus.

Sen. Testin, a former student senator at UW Stevens Point, expressed his concern in a press release today in regard to the university’s actions to deny recognition to the conservative student group. In his press release he encouraged UWSP to reverse their decision to promote intellectual diversity:

“A well rounded education requires exposure to different viewpoints. Intellectual diversity is important, and should be embraced by students as part of the learning process. During my time in the student senate, I voted to recognize groups whose mission I disagreed with, because I understood that their principles needed to be part of our public dialogue. The rejection of Turning Point USA’s request is antithetical to what the University stands for. I encourage Vice Chancellor Thompson to reverse the decision and I believe the student senators should reflect on the importance of maintaining a respectful, open dialogue on campus.”


WSAW 7 has reported that the decision is currently under review by UWSP Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Al Thompson, who has the ability to reverse the decision. Meanwhile the UWSP College Republicans have also expressed support for turning point USA: