Tim Burns Reaches Out to the Bernie Bros

If you needed another reminder into just how liberal a candidate for Wisconsin state supreme court Tim Burns was, don’t worry he’ll provide enough examples for you. The latest stunt from Burns, an attorney at the Madison offices of Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, is to make a direct appeal to some of the most liberal voters out there.

An email obtained by Media Trackers has found that Burns has reached out to “Our Wisconsin Revolution,” (OWR), a group which essentially came from the remnants of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Wisconsin. The group’s email says it does not openly endorse in races, only those where a candidate’s campaign has personally sought it out.

Based on the email, Burns did exactly that:

The State of Wisconsin Supreme Court primary will be held on February 20, 2018. With less than 100 days before the election, we will be asking members if Our Wisconsin Revolution should make an endorsement in this important race.


In about a week, you will receive an email requesting your input on if Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) should make an endorsement and, if so, voting on the candidate we should endorse. This email will likely come from OpaVote, but we will make sure you have more information before it comes. In the interim, we ask you to acquaint yourself with the candidates and determine who you believe would best represent OWR interests on the Court.


Tim Burns, Rebecca Dallet, and Michael Screnock are all candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Mr. Burns reached out to us directly for an endorsement, triggering our process, which is to contact all of the candidates and request information.


The future of the State’s Supreme Court is at stake and together we can help ensure that the highest court in the State reflects our common values.

We first reported on Our Wisconsin Revolution back in May 2017 as state Democrats prepared for their annual convention. The far-left group made no qualms about their origins, or what policies they wished to pursue.

OWR is essentially stitched together remnants of  Bernie Sander’s Wisconsin presidential campaign: its interim organizing committee was comprised of former Sanders delegates. An OWR outline platform draft obtained by Media Trackers leaves little doubt that the Founding Convention will be very much informed by Sanders’ socialist platform. The entire platform is standard liberal fare, but several items reveal a far left socialist agenda:

  • Show leadership in combatting (sic) global warming by making Wisconsin energy production fully carbon-free by 2030. This would mean a 100% transition to carbon-free energy production in 13 years.

  • Transition to “free” (publicly funded) tuition for all UW and Technical colleges and universities (Yet, just last week Democrats decried continuing a tuition freeze as harmful to students.)

  • Recognize housing as a human right and adopt and implement a plan to realize that right for all residents (free housing for all to go with free tuition?).

  • … work toward  single-payer public system of health care  in Wisconsin and nationally.

  • explore the feasibility of  a state basic income guarantee; and establish a state-sponsored retirement plan for private workers. This idea isn’t new but is gaining traction in liberal thinking. As explained at “The Economist in 2013, an unconditional or “standard” basic income would replace existing anti-poverty (welfare programs).

  • Widen the  sales tax base to include all goods and services outside food, education, and healthcare; make it progressive by raising it steeply on purchases more than twice the median state family income. So, big ticket items would carry a steep sales tax in Wisconsin. It’s hard to imagine auto dealerships on the Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan borders not loving that idea.

Alec Zimmerman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin reacted to Burns OWR ask: “Tim Burns is a radically liberal trial attorney who would legislate from the bench. Hard-working Wisconsinites can’t expect Burns to uphold the rule of law when he’s desperately pleading for support from Bernie Sanders’ ultra-liberal interest group.”