Burns Wins Over The Bernie Bros

As Media Trackers reported previously, Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns asked for the liberal group Our Wisconsin Revolution to endorse him last week, and has now been approved by the Our Wisconsin Revolution Endorsement Committee. As a group that has a clear far left leaning and radical platform, Burns asking for OWR’s endorsement is just his latest move to position himself to the far left of the other two candidates in the race.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is essentially the stitched together remnants of socialist Bernie Sander’s Wisconsin presidential campaign. On their website they denounce President Trump and Governor Walker, and point to the failed Sanders campaign as a useful tool for building themselves up:

“In national politics, Wisconsin has long punched above its weight. In the past, the effect was often pretty good. Lately, it’s been awful; Walker’s Wisconsin has become Trump’s America. But it can be great and good again if we make Wisconsin an example of the power of a real democracy.”

“Bernie Sanders gives us an opportunity to do something better (which Trump and Walker motivate seizing)…The Sanders campaign identified a very large group of people in Wisconsin who share our values. Our Revolution (OR), the organization he helped set up after his presidential campaign ended, is willing to share use of his list of 100,000+ Wisconsin activists and supporters with OWR.”


After Media Trackers original article was published which focused on showing just how far to the left Burns was tacking, he responded with a flurry of liberal talking points that seem far more appropriate to a legislative race than a judicial one.


Burns’ tweetstorm seems to indicate that redistribution of wealth is one of his top priorities if elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Most judicial candidates refrain from taking positions on political issues as they may be the focus of cases to come before the court. This is likely why fellow liberal candidate Rebecca Dallet declined to take part in OWR’s process. But Burns hasn’t been shy about sharing his views on various issues and OWR stated that Burns “agreed with the values outlined in the OWR platform in full.” In the email they also stated that fellow candidate Judge Rebecca Dallet declined to agree with the OWR platform, and Judge Michael Screnock didn’t even respond . Some of these radical changes in OWR’s platform that Burns agreed with would include:

  • Transition to “free” (publicly funded) tuition for all UW and Technical colleges and universities
  • Recognize housing as a human right and adopt and implement a plan to realize that right for all residents
  • Widen the sales tax base to include all goods and services outside food, education, and healthcare; make it progressive by raising it steeply on purchases more than twice the median state family income
  • … work toward  single-payer public system of health care  in Wisconsin and nationally.

In the email OWR sent out a poll in which voters will choose who will receive the Our Wisconsin Revolution Supreme Court Endorsement Vote, which will be published Nov. 27th. While the other candidates are taking steps away from OWR, Burns continues to pursue and align with the far-left group.