Can Randy Bryce Run Nationally, But Win Locally?

Democrat Randy Bryce is running for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District against House Speaker Paul Ryan, but a look at his schedule highlights his campaign is almost entirely nationally based. Will that equate to local support?

Time will tell, but where Bryce is spending most of his time is telling.

According to the Bryce campaign’s own Facebook page, Randy Bryce has only held a handful of in-district events since announcing his candidacy on June 18, 2017. Those events included a candidate “meet-and-greet” in late June, a fish fry in mid-August, and an event at a union hall in October.

Other events on the calendar raise some eyebrows. Those include a pizza party at DNC headquarters in Washington, DC in late June, a “Meet and Greet” at a trendy East Village wine bar in New York City in July, and a reception in Madison.

According to the liberal website “The Mic,” it was here where Bryce met his first Hollywood celebrity, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon.

“I support Randy Bryce because it’s time that we support each other to elect real people to congress,” Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon said in an interview at the event.

While tickets were $50 to attend, the event looks to have been the start of some serious bi-coastal travels for Bryce as he’s not a hot ticket for Hollywood liberals.

Since Bryce has only doubled down on the national events. These have included in-New York interviews (he was there for more fund raisers) with journalists eager to meet him for glowing profile pieces.

With New York covered, it was time for Bryce to move west. All the way to California, as Hollywood D-listers came calling. The most of prevalent of these being former talk show host and comedienne Chelsea Handler, who held a fund raiser for Bryce in mid-September.

All this national attention has been very good for Bryce’s campaign coffers. According to his latest filing from the Federal Elections Commission, the former iron worker who at one time couldn’t afford his own child support had raised over $1.4 million for his campaign and has over $1 million in the bank as of the end of September.

Such a pull easily would make him the most well-financed challenger Speaker Paul Ryan has ever faced, but apparently, Bryce has to keep the show on the road.

So not his coastal audiences disappointed and his fund raising schedule full, the “Iron Stache” is returning this week to Santa Monica, CA; home of some of Hollywood’s richest movers and shakers.

Among the attendees (according to another tweet) will include actors Patton Oswalt, Rosie O’Donnell, Patrica Arquette, Debra Messing, and Alyssa Milano. All of whom have been known to have rather “colorful” political personalities.

But has all this national buzz led to much local support for Bryce? Honestly, we cannot say. But his absence from local events is being noticed, if not pointed out whenever possible by his primary opponent, Cathy Myers. Will “The Iron Stache” return to Wisconsin eventually?  Perhaps, because at the end of the campaign, he can have all the national support he wants, it’s going to be local votes that decide it.