U.S Rep. Gallagher Denounces Flynn’s Actions in Russia Investigation

After former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation Friday, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin reported that Democratic challenger Beau Liegeois has called out U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher to denounce Flynn’s actions. Gallagher, in a Tuesday interview with Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader, denounced Flynn’s actions and criticized the Democrats for politicizing the issue.

According to the USA Today article, after Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying the to the FBI, Beau Liegeois called on Mike Gallagher to denounce Flynn’s actions because the two have past connections with each other. This included an endorsement for Gallagher from Flynn, and fundraising help. Gallagher explained the relationship between Flynn and himself in the interview:

“During the Obama administration Mike Flynn was the director of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The DIA has the mission of collecting intelligence concerning military intentions and capabilities of foreign government and non-state actors. I was assigned to the DIA when I was in the marine core while Mike Flynn was the Director, and in that capacity serving at the same agency though much lower on the totem pole, I met him, and a few years later while I was running for congress he published a book on the fight against radical Islam which is my area of professional expertise. I congratulated him at the time of the book and he offered to come to Wisconsin to discuss the book. The event was in June and this was prior to the convention, and long prior to his election or selection as National Security adviser. So used to say this was a Lieutenant General who served in Afghanistan working for Stan McChrystal, he’s written a highly innovative paper on fixing intel on Afghanistan, he served at the highest level of the Obama administration, and I thought it would make for a good discussion so we had a small event in Milwaukee about thirty folks, and that’s it.”

Gallagher then condemned Flynn’s actions, reaffirming his own critical stance on Russia and denounced Flynn’s action of lying to the FBI:

“I  just would say that I think my record when it comes to Russia and calling for getting to the bottom of how Russia is trying to subvert out interests here and abroad speaks for itself. I’ve been clear since the beginning how serious this issue is, how tough we need to be on it, and how we must follow the facts wherever they may lead, and I’ve been one of the most outspoken in the the house of representatives on it.”

“On video I’ve said it multiple formats over multiple months, and obviously lying to the FBI is a serious accusation, I don’t condone that at all, regardless whether there was no underlying crime about which he lied, it’s still a crime to lie to the FBI. Honestly, as you know my stance on Russia gets me into trouble with folks from our own political party saying I need to keep quiet on pushing for this investigation to go forward, but I won’t do that, I think neither party should play politics and turn a blind eye when it comes to our national security, i’m not going to be a part of that.”

Beyond condemning Flynn’s actions, Gallagher also expressed his disappointment at his opponent’s action of politicizing the situation, criticizing that in doing so only takes away from solving the real situation at hand:

“You know, we’re a year out from the election and already the political gamesmanship is happening, it’s disappointing to see the Democrats trying to politicize a national security investigation. Given my opponents professional background I actually thought he would be better than this, bigger than this type of stuff, but it seems he has succumbed to the partisan political machine in Madison pretty quickly.”

“The tragedy and irony of it tact like this is that it actually takes us further from getting to the bottom of it when you politicize it.”

“We need the facts, just the facts, my opponents a prosecutor he knows this, he should stop listening to his political handlers from D.C or Madison because this behavior smells pretty rotten”


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